10 things better in America than in Europe

There I found a list of some things of whom author things that they are better in America than in Europe. There is mostly mentioned Prague or Vienna. I can’t have a relevant reaction at some things, because I never have been in America, but some at things I can.

#6- Degree scales. Come on now, Europe. Admit it. You’re just fucking around with us with that Celsius business, right? Having a laugh? “Oh no it’s 14 degrees, gonna be freezing, no wait 17 degrees, hot as hell!” (Yes, I know I probably got that totally wrong.) For serious? That scale does not have enough degrees. Try Fahrenheit for a while, dude- you’ll really enjoy it! (Don’t even get me started on the metric system…)

Well, I thing that is much better to have a degree scale associated with something important and with mostly used as water, (0 Celsius degrees-water freeze, 100 water boil) than some weird scale depending at an idea of scientist Fahrenheit.
And the metric system? Render down it is much easier, faster and transparent than Imperial system.

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