Cheater will be 12 years behind bars

Petr Smetka cheated 1095 people eleven years ago, the loss is 928 665 845, 40 CZK. Now he will have 12 years to think about it.

Smetka is a founder of H-System, a company offering cheap housing. But money of interested people was wittingly used to Smetka personal use and pay-off his companies created only for making a bank loans.

Instead of 1100 houses for customers only thirty was made. The rest of money disappeared. Prague High Court of Justice sentenced him to punishment 12 years, but the money are gone. Smetka says that he is innocent, that this large loss was unsuccessful prospectus. The adjudication is final, but Smetka can still make an extraordinary appeal.

It’s great that a cheater will get 12 years, but almost a milliard crowns of stolen people disappeared. And it would be foolish to believe that Smetka will return them money back. We can only hope that the stolen money are for him unreachable as well, because in my opinion 12 years or 6 six years with good behavior is a good trade for 900 millions CZK.

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