Third of Prague drivers is breaking the law

More than one third drivers is breaking the law in Prague. Friday police action has shown that most frequent is an exceeding of maximum speed. It was in 500 cases in 2000 controlled cars. Police levied 160 000 Czech crowns in fines during one day.

This action shows that new driving law entering into force at 1st July is good choice and it will be very helpful. An every breaking of traffic regulations will cost much more crowns than now and driver will get some number of penalty points depending on relevance of the breaking. When number will reach twelve, a driver will lose his driving licence for a year and he will have to pass a driving school once again.

In some cases, each driver can lose driving licence even immediately at a place.

This law will be applied to foreigner driver as well. Foreigner driver will pay same cost, when he will have not enough money the police can ban him further driving until the pay of a fee. Police will also record negative points of foreigner driver and it can forbid him entering into country by car or further driving in the republic.

These negative points will decrease by four if the driver would drive 365 days without any breaking of the driving law.

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