Red Bull Air Show in Prague

Red Bull Air show will be this year in Prague for the second time. This crazy event from Vienna become very popular in every corner of the world and it was only a question of time when it will arrive in Czech lands.

For the an audience it is very fun competition, because a such fun exhibition cannot be seen nowhere else. Visitors can saw a flying dinosaur, a shark skeleton, a pig or giant dragonfly last year.

Red Bull Air Show is everything but usual and boring. Prague river become a landing site for 32 bizarre flying machines. Criteria are simple: machine cannot be heavier than 200 kg, maximum length is 10 meters, width 6 meters and as a propulsion can be used only manpower. It will be judged an originality, a style of flight (most important are reactions of an audience), and reached distance.

The show is 25th June and it starting at 1 PM a Strelecky island near National Theatre. Admission free and tribunes are build at pontoons and at the island.

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