Rays what sees more than X-Rays

Young Czech scientist Filip Kadlec was awarded of a Prize of Academy of Science for Young Scientists for his research. He research so called Terahertz rays. It is between infrared-rays and micro-waves and their use seems to be important.

Terahertz waves are very precise. It can be used in a medicine. For example it can found a caries very fast, long before any other method. The rays can also recognize a cancer cells and normal cells.

But the rays can be used in any case where is required to a precise status of hidden or unreachable thing. So it can found a content of a envelope, for example if it not contains a powder with anthrax or it is a simple flour.
It can found a miniature fissures so it can be used as a check of space shuttles. This Terahertz rays allows to read closed book or it would be used for finding drugs or bombs.

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