Real Prague underground

By word “underground” I don’t mean metro now. The underground tunnels and rooms in Prague are not as unusual as you can think.

There is many tunnels and passages, most of them is still unexplored and some are not even found. Some tunnels are found by a luck. Tunnel at Strahov was found when an excavator fall in a tunnel.

The origin of tunnels is various. It can be an old sewer system, a water conduit or the rest of the mines. Tunnels are explored and prepared for visitors. Tunnels are prepared in a length 100 meters, another 300 meters should be prepared for visitors in next three years. It is under Prague-Prosek.

Many of underground objects can be visited right now. It is for example Old Town City hall. Or interesting is to visit Vysehrad casemate, the tunnels made in purpose of military sheltered transport of soldiers during 30-years war. Or Prague Castle offers a chance to visit underground rooms of a Roman style.

Still be biggest problem, why so many tunnels are not yeat prepared for visitors is simple: money.

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