The new government and the coalition deal is set

The elections to Chamber of Deputies was three weeks ago and today was signed a coalition agreement of right wing parties: Civic Democrats (ODS), Christian union (KDU-CSL) and Green Party (SZ). All minister seats are divided and the government programme is created.

Prime minister is Mirek Topolanek, the leader of ODS, his party has 9 minister seats. KDU has three seats – Ministry of the country, Ministry of Defence and Culture. Greens has Environment, Education and Head seat of Legislative Government Council. The rest is for ODS.

The coalition deal contains conjunction of coalition programs and also an agreement that all parties will have work uniformly until the end of electoral term, even the coalition will lose the government. Deal presents among other open and friendly relationships with European Union and NATO, free of charge education, a simplification of the law, restriction of legislative immunity, unitary tax, the end of the rent control or bigger focusing at environment.

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