New record of Ruzyne airport

Last Thursday broke a year old record. During this day the airport has 628 landings and starts of planes. In addition Ruzyne airport between 8 am an 9 am checked out 50 planes. The declared maximum is only 40 planes.

This has unfortunately an opposite site. More planes means more noise and many Prague citizens is disturbed by plane engines. the worst situation has a Horomerice district. The key to help them is to built another runway. It ought to be built in 2010. But there is same problem: Citizens of another Prague part, Nebusice, don’t want it, because this will move the noise to them. Nevertheless, Nebusice has much less people than other parts of Prague, where planes are landing and are taking off.

Letnany airport is not very popular too. The airport will gain status “international airport” next month and it will be used for private flights. This is criticised by Kbely district, although the raising of flights is expected only by 2 per cents. And it is strange for a different reason too, because Kbely has Museum of Aviation and there is a military airport used also for flights of politicians over eighty years.

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