Birthday in Prague zoo

35th birthday was celebrated in Prague zoo. And who was honoured person? The orangutan Kama, an ape male. He was the first orangutan born in Prague zoo.

Director of the zoo Petr Fejk was at birthday party too as well as former director Zdenek Veselovsky, who was a friend of the orangutan many years.

Professor Veselovsky became Kama’s family shortly after ape’s birth, because his mother died soon after his birth because of heart disease. Kama was fed by human milk from maternity hospitals. When he was little older Mr. Veselovsky or a nurse Bozena Gottfriedova perambulate him. As a father Kama has two children.

You can see Kama and his family in Pavilion Indonesian jungle or in adjacent outer exposition. - your absolute Prague guide and travel resource.

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