How is Prague loud?

Prague is a top city in Czech Republic in a level of the noise. Summer, a tourism, a transport or even historical cobblestones causes loud and unwelcome noise.

Summer raises the noise, because many restaurant has open windows and loud conversation, creaking of tables and chairs, tinkling of glass or music and TV sounds are nothing great for people living in surrounding.

Tourism with thousands of tourists maybe bring money, but people living in Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square or at Royal Road and Lesser Town are not very happy.

But transport leads. Cars, trams and planes near Ruzyne airport makes hard live for citizens. Many things are made now for better living. New runway should lower the number of planes flying across the city, trams riding at rails covered in green makes smaller noise and Prague outer circuit with replacing cobblestones for quiet pitch will cause a lower level of decibels.

Anti noise screens with better windows should help too.

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