Another bank with clear mind

Most absurd fee was voted the paying for an incoming payment. It was two months ago. A month ago Postovni sporitelna (Post Savings Bank) cancelled this fee. Second bank did the same yesterday.

It was eBanka (eBank). The fee doesn’t exists from 1st July. It was 2,10 or 6,10 crown for a payment. The rest of Czech banks don’t think about it. Consumers Defence Association of the Czech Republic critics this fee as well as other things in bank sector. The organisation has a goal to fight for better protection of costumers.

And why was this fee voted by customers as a most absurd? Imagine that someone doesn’t like you and he know the number of your bank account. He sends to your account one single crown million times. Bank takes from your account six crowns for each transfer. The result: You have a loss 5 million crowns. It is nice, isn’t it?

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