How difficult is travelling in Prague for people on wheelchairs?

Public transport in Prague is accessible, dense and relatively fast. But not for people on a wheelchair. For them is transport in a bus, a tram or a metro only a dream. Or a nightmare.

Imagine that you are on a wheel chair and you want to get from one side of a Prague to another by public transport.
First step: How to get to metro station? Still there are many sidewalks in Prague what haven’t barrier less access so get from one side of a road to another is problem.
Second: You must get under a ground into a platform. New stations are barrier less – they have elevators, but almost every old station is without it. So you have no chance to get to Prague centre by metro.
Third: At some stations the gap between the metro train and platform is so big, than your wheel can get stuck there. In metro train you have also no chance how to give a not to driver than you want to leave the train.

Buses: Only small number of buses have low-lying floor. You must wait to this bus or you can have a bad luck and the line have no low-lying floor buses at all.

Trams: Forget it. There is no chance to get to tram (there is only one exception).

There is also more problems like how to get to some offices with barrier access. You can also find some grotesque things like a ring or a bell for wheelchaired people, which is set at a place unreachable from a wheelchair or a elevator with buttons too high to push. And where is biggest problem (if we don’t count some examples of a stupidity like these)? Money. Changes in transport for better live of people at wheelchairs costs milliards of crowns.

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