Robotic doctor in Prague hospital

Still it will take some time to an existence of artificial doctor who will be able to cure patients or recognize the wounds. For now we can see them only in Star Wars movie or Star Trek: Voyager series. But robotic technology can be helpful already now.

Prague Na Homolce hospital has a “robotic servant”. This useful piece of technology allows to make a virtual tour for a doctor who cannot be really presented at a place. The robot moves in a hospital and visits patient room. The motion is directed by a doctor from a distance. In rooms the robot can visit every patient and a doctor can communicate with them via cameras and raudio system at both sides. A doctor can see the wounds, speak with nurses and other doctors or suggest a treatment.

This technology can help in many ways. It can control and gives advices to younger doctors, it can be used as an expert assistance in operations, when the doctor is in another hospital or a country. This allows to reduce a need of transportation a patient for another expert opinion. When hospital need to know an attitude of doctor who is at vacation or at home this is very helpful. And there is another quality of this robot: doctor can visit a patient contagious disease without fear.

Na Homolce hospital now testing the robot and his use. It would be the first “robotic doctor” used in Central and Easter Europe. Total number of robots used in the world is about 80.

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