Sokols are in Prague

Sokols (Falcons) are in Prague. The physical training organisation for people in every age has large meeting in Prague in these days.

Twenty thousand members of XIV. Sokol meeting in garbs and gym-dresses marched in Prague center. They began at Wenceslas square and through the way near Rudolfinum and Siroka and Parizska street they end their way at Old Town Square. Sokols are from every corner of Czech Republic and even from All Europe, United States, Canada or Brazil.

Sokols started their programme in Sazka Arena and their most important part is this Wednesday at 9 pm and Thursday st 2 pm at Strahov Stadium. Sokols will perform in twenty compositions more than 17.000 gymnasts.

The Sokol festival brought some traffic restrictions, especially in a surrounding of Vrsovice railway station. The festival ends 7th July.

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