Protests against CzechTek

Biggest meeting of techno music fans will be this years as it was in recent years. Because there were large problems with disapproval of using the grounds every year and last year the music event changed into battle techno fans vs. police, Czech Army offer to organizers army area.

A piece of the area where CzechTek is located fora from homes of citizens as it possible, because of loud music. Though the people living in villages nearby protesting. And now there is a new protest. Ornithologists protests, because the loud music can be very dangerous to highly protected birds.

Ornithologists says that the middle of summer, when the CzechTek is planned, is a time of a hatch and first day of their lives of Corn Crake. Loud music can scare parents and this mean a death for young birds. Other birds in danger are Northern Shrike and Corn Bunting. The military area is in Doupovske mountains, a bird-preserve.

But even ornithologists don’t know how birds will truly react at loud techno music. It is a little bit curious that birds had no problem with a noise produced when army trained at the area like sound of tank engines or explosions and techno music should terrify them.

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