Some adrenaline fun

Do you want to try something more cool than usual walk in hot Prague streets? So what about skydiving?

This is definitely fun at higher level. More precisely the fun starts in 4000 meters altitude. Then you and your tandem partner have a minute of free fall in speed 200 km/h. And than you can see the Czech Republic several minutes from beneath the parachute. you can even try to control the parachute and the drop is like a jump from the chair. Some para companies also offer you a recording the jump at VHS or DVD.

The jump costs about 3500 crowns and there is some companies in surrounding of Prague.

Impact Prague
Sky service
Tandem centre Prague

Hotel Novomestsky

3-star hotel in Prague centre. Learn more and book a room online!

Hostel Aldivia, Prague

Hostel situated in a street connecting the Wenceslas and the Old Town Square.

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