Cubbist facade threatened after house collapse

Vodickova Street crossing Wenceslas Square woke up on Sunday morning due to a thunder of collapsing building. Luckily the sniffer dogs did not find any victims and no one was harmed. The house, once a home for the legendary confectionery U Mysaka, which was said to be re-opened, was being renovated to be turned into shops, luxury apartments as well as offices.

The conservationists fear the house with valuable Cubist facade by architect Gocar from the 20’s of the last century might have to be demolished completely. The facade would thus be inevitably lost and replaced by a mere replica. The statisticians give hope since the facade is believed to be almost hundred pro cent safe. Nevertheless, parts of the building will certainly have to be demolished for safety reasons.

House collapse will affect the flow of public transport at one of the busiest Prague areas. Apart from prohibiting the entry of cars, no trams will be permitted into the area for approximately one week. This means traffic diversions (day trams: 3, 14, 19, 24, 30 and 39) are bound to cause inconvenience. Their new routes will pass through Narodni trida and along the river. The pedestrians will still be able to walk along Vodickova Street.

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