Let's Dance 2006 Prague International Festival

We have a offer for everyone who is interested in dance. Most of the programme is prepared by Oriental Dance Center from Prague and therefore you can enjoy many aspects of this very popular dance style. The festival is mostly compound from workshops, where you can see and primarily learn something from many dance styles. It is between 10th and 13th August.

Main guest is oriental dancer Jillina from USA, who is a director and a choreograph of Belly dance Super Stars and Desert Roses. She is reputable all over the world. She will teach in Sportcentre YMCA many types of dance like Egyptian style or a Dance Drum. You can also visit a oriental market during the Saturday, where you can for example buy all props required for a belly dance. This will be at Strelecky island where will be also Open air dance scene or a tent dedicated to oriental dance.

But Let’s dance festival is not only the oriental dance. You can also come into lessons of Hip Hop, R ‘n’ B, Latin American Salsa, Flamenco, Samba, historical dance, Ghawazee, saidii, Raks Sharki or a dance style Bollywood (from India, I guess). Saturday will be best day, with a gala evening and with following programmes

The tickets costs 380 and 460 crowns and you can order them at official pages of the festival Let’s Dance Prague. Organizers says that it is better to buy tickets sooner, because the tickets are limited due to the space of dancing halls.

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