Fairy Tales Sound through Prague Ruzyne Airport

Not only children but all fairy-tales fans could escape the boredom of waiting at the airport into their beloved magical world. Prague Ruzyne prepared for them something special on Monday 17 July.

“Fairy Tales before Take off” travels just like their audience of sky-riders from one airport to another. Brussels was the first out of the seven airports participating in the fairy-tale marathon succeeded by Prague. Afterwards the fairy tales will also sound in Budapest, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Fairy tales were told by professional artists from different countries in their native languages. The Czech Republic and culture was represented by Michal Nesvadba and Little Red Riding Hood. Given the dissimilarity between the individual languages the listeners could notice the the way the story-tellers used voice and gestures.

Seven countries and eight languages characterise this literary project which builds on a common foundations of fairy-tale cultural heritage. The airport was chosen as a suitable location because it is both a literal and metaphorical starting point on a journey towards new cultures and languages.

The aim of the project, organised by European airlines and national cultural institutes, is to awaken the interest in European culture as well as in the study of foreign languages.

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