Mysterious Plane Wrack without any Catastrophe

Dozens of rescue workers and fire fighters rushed to Prague 5 in order to help at a scene of expected disaster – inhabitants of a nearby locality reported sighting of fire. An explosion was also heard. Surprisingly (and luckily for the non-existent passengers of the plane with a Greek flag) the accident turned out to have been simulated.

The realism at the menacing scene was enhanced by bottles of alcohol and canisters of inflammable substances scattered around the burning pieces of the wrack. Furthermore, a convincingly misleading parachute was found on a nearby tree. Nevertheless, the incident could not have happened since the machine was not capable of flight.

Possibly, the occurrence could be described as an unsuccessful kind of a joke. On the other hand, it remains to be disclosed, whether the wrack belonged into mysterious script for some documentary. The only witness at the scene was approximately 40-year old man lacking personal documents. Allegedly a FAMU student filming the “disaster” was at the scene as well.

Whatever the motivation might have been, the fun may turn out rather costly. The culprit could be fined for damage of the protected environment up to several hundred thousand crowns.

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