Prague taxi will be more expensive

Problems with overpriced Prague taxi are decreasing, but you can still met some cheater. Travellers should know that Prague has maximum costs of taxi service and each taxi driver has to give a ticket to passenger after ride. Now taxi drivers and companies will have more duties.

Most important is that maximum costs will be higher for a little.
Lump sum will be 40 crowns, one kilometer costs 28 crowns and a one minute of waiting will be 6 crowns. The changes starts with year 2007. Now the costs are 34 crowns of fixed rate, 25 crowns for a kilometer and 5 crowns costs one minute of waiting.
No taxi driver in Prague can want more.

Next change is that Prague will allow to drivers to wait at city taxi posts only if cars would accept Prague’s requirements. Cars will have to be at least in lower class no older than eight years. They will have to have yellow color and air condition. This order starts in year 2009.

Here is a list of some Prague taxi services.

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