High quality public transport

Prague public transport is often target for critique. People frequently complain it is not on time, too crowded or hot and with unbreathable air. European survey of quality of public transport services showed recently that there is actually nothing to complain about.

Survey was done with the cooperation of many people and its results are thus representative. The participants were the town dwellers from Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona and the Scandinavian Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm as well as Vienna and Geneva.

Travellers in Prague praised the service as worth the money and they also liked the quality of provided information. The location of the stations nearby one’s home was also complimented. Overall, Prague with Swiss Geneva were the only towns to win all of the categories.

This may be the reason why inhabitants of Prague also use the public transport services among the above-listed towns most frequently. Therefore, Prague has the advantage of having wide range of services which are well integrated and (as was now proved) also of very high quality.

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