News from Prague ZOO

This week is significant for European suslik (sysel obecny). Two suslik couples from Pilsner ZOO were let into a new area at the edge of Prague ZOO. The number of susliks living there will increase as the two pairs can look forward to having about 30 new friends. For the time being susliks are protected from their predators. The space will later (probably before winter) no longer belong to the ZOO and the animals will thus be freed.

This event forms a part of the project named: “Will you help us back to nature?”, which aims to reintroduce back to nature four species – apart from suslik the organizers want to help the owls, bison and the last surviving species of the wild horse. The animal listed last is the most endangered one. Prague ZOO is extremely important for its reintroduction into its natural environment in Mongolia desert Gobi.

The project is aided by profits raised from selling biscuits Tatranky during the summer holidays. One tenth of each Czech crown spent on these biscuits goes towards freeing the animals. Currently the sum is slightly under half a million.

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