Trams return to Vodickova street

Wednesday morning is the planned date for the return of trams to Vodickova street. Neither trams nor private vehicles were allowed into the area after the collapse of the cubist house we reported about previously.

This should ease the chaos that now reigns in the capital city – given the other reconstruction works the total of more than twenty tram lines had to be altered. Nonetheless, the trams will pass the house only one by one and their speed will be reduced so as to minimise the vibrations.

By Tuesday evening the clear-up work should be finished. A scaffolding will be erected and connected to the facade by means of a steel construction. The house will be reconstructed to its original appearance. This is possible thanks to the well-kept detailed documentation and preservation of some of the objects from the interior of the house such as the original banisters. The works are expected to finish in September 2007.

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