Western hemisphere jumped

Wondering through Prague streets yesterday, you might have seen people looking at their watches in a very concentrated manner, counting down seconds and then – all of a sudden – jumping. The reason behind this rather bizarre behaviour was the World Jump Day.

World Jump Day aimed to put an end to global warming and create a more homogeneous climate as well as to lengthen daytime hours. This was to be achieved by a joint jump of at least 600 000 000 people on the western hemisphere at exactly 12:39:13 of our time.

The combined force of their impact was, according to German Professor Niesward from the Department of Gravitationsphysics, supposed to change Earths orbital rotation.

The only problem is that there is no Professor Niesward. He was “crated” by German artist Torsten Lauschmann. Scientist discredited the project (Newton’s Third Law) and very likely it was a mere artistic hoax.

Should you be one of the registered 600 248 012 jumpers or if this article aroused your curiosity, wait for the results – they should be published in the course of the coming few weeks.

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