A new component part into numismatists' collections

Czech National Bank will commemorate the 700th anniversary of the dying-out of a royal dynasty of the Premyslids (1306) by a commemorative coin. The value of the coin, consisting of nine parts of silver for every part of copper, will be two hundred Czech crowns and it should appear on Wednesday.

It will measure three centimetres and weigh 13 grammes. The interested will be able to choose between two versions of the coin. An ordinary one and a more luxurious one. They will differ for example in their edges – the latter, highly polished one having a smooth edge.

The coin will portray the last member of the dynasty – king Wenceslas III. The other side will show a symbol of the dynasty – the famous eagle. It will also have the depiction of St Wenceslas’ sword and helmet – symbolizing that the last member of the dynasty was male.

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