Mucha and the synagogues

The aim of this review is to bring to you a perspective of a tourists, who sees and appreciates the beauties of Prague – but not only idealistically and starry-eyed. The tourist guides all too often offer impersonal description of the most famous sightseeing spots but the author of this article mentions less famous places of interest. Her personalized account draws your attention to Art Nouveau and synagogues:

...famed art nouveau artist, Alfons Mucha, was from here. So throughout the city, you can see some things he designed, like a stained glass window in the cathedral and the mayor’s office in the municipal building. There’s a small museum of his work too – famed Sarah Bernhardt posters – which was interesting to see.
And Prague also holds Europe’s oldest synagogue, from the 1200s, and 5 other synagoges as well. ... The Spanish synagogue was my favorite – painted walls, and stained glass, incorporating the Star of David in all the designs. You even can look up – and the chandalier is in the shape of the star.

Should your interests be also directed in this way, you can read the full article here.

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