Prague is going to decide about the Solar System

The twenty-sixth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) will be held in Prague in August. The importance of this assembly must be stressed because of one particular item on its agenda – this event may change the way we know our Solar System.

To be more precise, the assembly will discuss the possibility of adding the tenth planet. The object is for the time being called Xena. Even though it is hundred times further away form the Sun than the Earth, its diameter exceeds that of Pluto. Xena is thus bigger and the tiniest and most far-away planet and may thus arguably deserve planetary status.

The expansion of the Solar System is controversial since some astronomers disagree even with Pluto being called a planet. It earned this classification because of misjudgement of its size by the astronomer who discovered it.

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  1. Randhir chavhan said, Aug 17, 07:25 AM #

    I put forward a density-dependent distribution of planetary bodies in our solar system. In my opinion xena, cere and charon are not at all are planets. If given chance to participate in conferrence by vedeo conferrencing I can prove it. I would be grateful if you could hear from me. This work can really help to know about our solar system.
    Chavhan Randhir bhavlal

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