Velotrixi are not wanted in the city centre

Velotroxi have recently appeared in Prague streets and many tourists took advantage of this new opportunity to take a look at the city’s beauty.

Recently, Prague 1 refused to allow the vehicles to have permanent standing places on its area such as the Old Town Square, the Rudolfinum or Kampa. The reason given was the fact that areas for pedestrians should remain vehicle-free. At the same time Prague traffic is rather heavy and draggy – for instance due to the presence of horse-drawn carriages for sightseeing tours. It is therefore believed it should not be slowed down any further.

Velotrixi are vehicles with some features of bicycles – for example movement is provided thanks to manpower. Nevertheless, there are also distinctions such as three wheels. Velotrixi also have an electric engine which may aid the driver when needed. Velotrixi are thus environmentally friendly – they do not produce any pollution and are noiseless. - your absolute Prague guide and travel resource.

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