Chodov Fortress Tones summer music festival

Chodov Fortress Tones festival offers in total ten concerts of classical music. The festival has already started and the initial concerts proved that the current hot weather does not discourage people from undertaking a journey to this part of Prague to listen to a classical music concert. As a matter of fact two out of the first three concerts were sold out which is a persuasive piece of evidence speaking clearly for their popularity.

Chodov Fortress was originally built in Gothic style but was repeatedly re-built until it gained its current Classicist appearance. Its inner ward, where all the concerts take place, contributes to the special atmosphere of the evening. The tickets also enable the visitors to have a look at the art gallery situated in the fortress. Therefore, an evening spent at this festival (lasting till mid-August) will certainly be a very pleasant experience.

Should you desire to learn more, you might want to have a look at the official pages of the festival.

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