CzechTek draws near

Organizers of the biggest techno music festival were given access to the military training ground in Hradiste in Doupovske mountains today. They rented the approximately 50 hectare meadow from the army until 7th August. The festival itself should start this Friday.

This year seems to be in a stark contrast with the last one. This CzechTek is organized in conjunction with state authorities such as the police and army. Not only is the area rented from the state but people coming to the festival will be given maps and descriptions of the recommended routes in four languages at the border. Nevertheless, there are still many protests against CzechTek such as those of the ornithologists.

On the other hand, the “teknival” in 2005 became infamous for the brutal clashes between the participants and the police. Only few days ago did media publish a photo of a policeman holding a special metal truncheon that should not have been used. It is meant to be used only by special units against dangerous criminals such as kidnappers or terrorists.

The nearest village Mastov with 730 inhabitants is three kilometres away from the training ground. It has two shops and two pubs that must prepare for lots of work during the festival. The traffic in the village is also expected to be heavy given only three roads lead to the area.

The estimates of the number of participants differ between ten and thirty thousands. There are also voices claiming fewer people are to come because of the cooperation with the state which is deemed unacceptable.

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