Demonstration in Old Town Square

Approximately two hundred supporters of the Lebanese Club in the Czech Republic met yesterday in Old Town Square to express their disagreement with the current situation in the Middle East. They demanded an end to the fighting.

The charmain of the club did not comment on the activities of Hezbollah. The whole conflict started two weeks ago when Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Israel responded with air strikes, shelling and sea blockade. Currently, evacuation and movement of internal refugees could escalate into a humanitarian crisis.

The participants view the conflict as senseless fighting which harms mainly innocent civilians. The demonstration was calm – the participants stood for about an hour holding posters and banners. Towards the end of the demonstration they marched in a circle with a sound of whistle blowing in the background. Some passers by, both Czechs and tourists, started a conversation with the people taking part in the demonstration.

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