Faster driving in Prague

The way Prague drivers chauffeur their vehicles will change in August. Cars will be allowed to move faster at several points where such changes are considered safe.

The most frequent adjustment will be 70 kilometres per hour appearing where 50 was previously. Traffic sign with circled 130 may also show up on the city circle road.

For example, wider roads distant from housing areas will have speed limits moved upwards. Another instance of increased speed limits will take place where the current ones are too low such as 30 or 40 kilometres per hour. These upper boundaries might have been chosen with the expectation of the drivers exceeding them. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the new laws, drivers abide by the regulations more. Extremely strict limits are thus not appropriate. Some of the changes will apply for certain (often less busy) times only – such as the night.

Other changes of Prague traffic will include the removal of unneeded traffic signs or modernization of stop-lights at cross-roads. Prague drivers can give their own suggestions, what should be changed. To make sure your car does not exceed the limits unknowingly, it will be possible to have the functioning of your tachometer checked for free at Letna plain tomorrow.

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