Historical Prague has new exhibition

Would you like to know, what Prague inhabitants looked like in the primeval ages? What did they wear or how did they earn their living? How did they make themselves more beautiful? What was Prague like during the time it was the cultural centre of Europe during the fourteenth century and in Middle Ages more generally? Answers to all of these questions can be received as soon as The City of Prague Museum opens its new exhibition next week.

The development of the capital city from its earliest settlement to the eighteenth century enables the visitors of the museum to travel through the centuries. The old exhibition is currently being re-installed. The modernised version will include new exhibits and original objects including a unique model of a Gothic house. It will be also designed in such a way to entertain and engage the visitors more. Children can for example take a rest in a special area in the primeval part of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be accessible daily from 9 – 18 hours apart from Monday.

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