Winter sports refresh summer Prague

Hot weather is almost synonymous with an invitation to go for a swim. Sadly, it is also associated with the spread of the dangerous water bacteria. River swimming places thus cannot be sure about the future quality of their water. Nevertheless, there is something quite certain – they make up for it with additional programme.

For example, Zlute lazne (free translation: Yellow spa) has a unique skating ring with artificial surface. It is probably your only chance to wear bathing suit and ice skates at the same time without asking for pneumonia. If you fear the looks of the passers by as you head off for your swim holding skates, you can borrow them at the place.

Fans of winter sports also had a chance to witness snowboardists and skiers jumping to Vltava river from eight-meter high yesterday. This was a part of Watermania 2006.

In the case you missed this event and truly love winter sports, you can try bobsleighs on a 800 meters long track in Prosek. For more than one minute you can enjoy summer “bob-sleighing” at a speed that can approach scary 60 kilometres per hour there.

Weather in Prague

You can find here 7-day weather forecast for Prague, Czech Republic.

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