Prague: Sleep when you get back home

Prague municipality with Czech Airlines shared the costs of a new advertising campaign promoting Prague that has just appeared on CNN. The price of the campaign was six million crowns which is a very good deal from the famous channel broadcasting into many countries of Europe, Africa as well as Middle East. The likelihood it will bring success is enhanced by the fact that CNN usually presents countries rather than cities and Prague is thus bound to stand out. CNN actually offered to show two advertising spots (each lasting 30 seconds) for the price of one. The advertisements will appear 24 times per week for three months.

The city used the opportunity and targets with each of the two ads a different group of potential tourists. One of the spots is directed more at entertainment and shows Prague as a dynamic and friendly metropolis. The other one is more traditional and contains shots of the Golden Lane or Krizik fountain on the background of the historical panorama. The aim is to lure into Prague well-educated and wealthy tourists of all age groups. The participation of Czech airlines can be explained by the mutual benefit of a higher number of tourists coming to Prague both for the city and the airlines.

This campaign is first ever on such a massive scale and is believed to be a good marketing move that should increase the revenue from tourism. Every tenth tourists makes his decision to travel based on some visual representation of his future destination. Prague with Paris are the most dramatically expanding touristic areas and the increasing interest in Prague’s case is attributable mainly to Asian tourists.

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