Repair of Rasin Embankment finished

Repair of the longest embankment, measuring 1.3 kilometres, has finally reached, with the opening of the last section, its end. The cost of reconstruction of the waterfront, which celebrated its hundredth birthday, exceeded three hundred million crowns. The entire renovation lasted ten years and took place under the careful supervision of conservationists since the area is protected.

The opening of the embankment was accompanied by an exhibition of the objects found during the works. There were for example an iron, porcelain statutes, a broken cavalry sword or a massive brass shell and other weapons. Two hand-grenades were also discovered – one of them was luckily harmless but the second one caused evacuation and a pyrotechnist had to be called to deactivate it. The objects also included a mysterious 1.5 metres large decorative stone.

Other embankments are to be reconstructed in the future. Some people would appreciate if these parts of Prague could play a larger role in the city life and be for example dotted with lovely cafes. They might become a calm oasis in this way.

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