Tachometers voluntarily measured by police radars

Queuing cars without any tension or swear words filled yesterday Letna plain. What may seem even more perplexing is that the vehicles queued voluntarily. The enigma disappears when we remind you about the event that was reported about recently – free check up for tachometers.

The vehicles had to drive through a shown track and keep the speed at 50 kilometres per hour. Most drivers were surprised to find out that their speedometers actually showed mostly 3 – 5 kilometres more than what was measured by the police radar. Therefore, keeping the speed at the allowed limit for the urban area ensured drivers were actually safely underneath it. The European norm gives the tachometers ten per cent tolerance but the upper limit is deviation of six kilometres per hour.

This opportunity was used by eight hundred cars which was for the organizers rather unexpected given the hot weather. They therefore decided to continue with measuring at the same place each whole Wednesday till the end of the holidays in the case the interest persists.

This measuring should not only be understood as a test of the functioning of tachometers. The drivers should trust their cars more and thus also keep eyes more on the road rather than checking the speed constantly.

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