CzechTek almost over

The estimates of the number of people coming to Hradiste in Doupovske mountains for Czechtek 2006 were confirmed – altogether there were around forty thousand techno fans there. CzechTek thus became one of the biggest events of its kind in the whole Czech Republic. The participants travelled also from the neighbouring Austria, Germany and Slovakia as well as from further away – for example England or Italy.

During Sunday but mainly in the evening and throughout the night almost two thirds of all of the participants left. Practically half of the sound systems is gone as well. Nevertheless, the area is rented for one more week. Therefore, the party still continues for some.

Some of the interviewed people complained that the festival loses its atmosphere. Certainly without the secrecy about its location till the very last minute the festival is accessible in a much easier way. Therefore, some commented that some of the dancers would not have come, had CzechTek not been officially pre-announced. There were also observations that the festival attracted much more young people.

This year’s CzechTek will be remembered for its smoothness. Nonetheless, the doctors were rather busy treating almost two hundred injuries. The most serious seems to be the claim of a 17-year-old girl who fears someone might have abused her while she was asleep.

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  1. CzechTek 2k6 said, Aug 8, 12:15 PM #

    We’re Never Gonna Stop Making Dance Music!