Prague's architectonic landmarks in need of restoration

Prague is world-famous for its beautiful architecture. Nevertheless, or maybe mainly because of the large number of cultural landmarks, some of them need renovation urgently. More than fifty valuable buildings necessitate financial resources to improve their poor state. Should the restoration of all the objects take place simultaneously, a sum reaching almost three billion crowns would be necessary.

The endangered landmarks include among others precious houses or parts of town’s crumbling walls. One of the threatened ones, Salmovsky Palace, is to be found opposite to the entrance into Prague Castle in one of the most glamorous squares of Prague – Hradcanske Square. Luckily, the renovation of this Classicist building, which will be turned into an art gallery at a cost of quarter of a billion crowns, will start next year.

The cause of the disturbing situation lies in the ownership of the objects. Either the owners are simply not aware of how precious their possessions are, or in the case there are more owners, it proves difficult or even impossible to arrive at an agreement how to save the landmark. Another reason may be speculation – the buildings are intentionally left to fall into disrepair so that they can be then rebuilt. Fortunately, this scenario seems to be only very rare.

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