The beauty of the Czech Language and Culture

Around two hundred students from forty different countries including Japan, China or The United States came to Prague to study the Czech language and culture. The jubilee fiftieth Summer School of Slavonic Studies organized by the Charles University will also include the fifth symposium about the Czech language.

The participants were divided into different groups given the level they are at. The beginners could choose the language they want to be taught in – for example English, French, German or another Slavonic Language. This suggests that there are both beginners, who are just starting with the Czech language, but also advanced students desiring to deepen their knowledge. The teaching staff consist of professors and will also include specialists from the Czech Academy of Science.

The motivation of the participants differs – some of them are children of emigrants or simply people with Czech roots who do not want to loose their cultural heritage. Apart from the language courses, lectures and seminars of choice, there will also be very entertaining cultural programme such as evenings with music and films or trips to different parts of the Czech Republic. The focus of the summer school is not only language but also literature, history and other aspects of culture.

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