Unique exhibition: bird'-eye view of the world

Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a French photographer who managed to take in the course of fifteen years one hundred thousand photos from a helicopter, moves his exhibition to Prague Kampa Island. The 120 giant photographs (each measuring 180 by 120 centimetres) show planet Earth from different perspectives and angles.

The visitors will be able to see desert areas next to arctic polar landscapes. There will also be overcrowded ghettos on the one hand and deserted areas on the other one. The author stresses protection of the environment and this is the reason, why the exhibition enjoys support of the UNESCO straight from the beginning.

The unique open-air exhibition will be displayed from 7th August till the end of October in Kampa park. It can be freely visited at any time and the pictures are accompanied with commenting texts as well as maps. You will also find a tent nearby, where there will be books and posters as well as a film about the work of the photographer.

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