Change in the driving habits?

The new regulations and laws about driving have been valid only for one month but the results are already to be seen. The statistics clearly show that driving must have improved. There were significantly fewer accidents and injuries – by one third. The number of dead on Czech roads for July 2006 was the lowest tally for the last thirty-six years. The total was only a half of the last year’s sad statistics.

These improvements may but also may not represent a start of a positive long-term trend. The police say that the initial careful driving is starting to wear off and they therefore plan more controls. The new data also imply that the hotly discussed changes to the law may make it more precise and adequate but no large-scale alternations are to be expected.

Changes in driving also affect Prague streets where the road signs are being currently updated. It should be finished in the course of this fortnight. The way in which Prague was touched by the new regulations can be seen from one statistics saying that 162 Prague drivers lost or will soon lose their licence. Almost all of them were namely caught driving with alcohol measured in their blood.

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