Salmon caught in Prague's Vltava river

An angler caught salmon whilst fishing in Vltava river near Prague Zoo. The fish was rather large and therefore the angler asked a passer-by for his assistance. The man recognised that the fish was no ordinary pike-perch, as the angler was claiming, but an exotic salmon. The adjective exotic was used, because salmons can no longer be found in Prague’s Vltava.

Therefore, the passer-by suggested half-jokingly that rather than eating the salmon it should be staffed and exhibited in the museum. Nevertheless, the angler had probably with his fish different plans that had to do with the evening meal.

The man, who recognised the salmon, was so surprised that he sent its photo to a daily newspaper publisher. The experts examined the photo of the catch and noticed a missing fin. This is a typical feature of salmons bread artificially. It is therefore possible that someone bought the fish and let it into the river rather than eating it. The professionals also claimed that the fish was already dead for some time. On the other hand, the witness said the fish had seemed rather lively.

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