Three demonstrations expressing support for Israel planned for today

Three demonstrations will mark today’s “Day of Solidarity” with Israel and its military actions in the southern Lebanon. The demonstrators see the steps undertaken by the Jewish state as a part of the war against terrorism.

The first demonstration is planned for five o’clock in Franz Kafka Square near the Old Town Square. One hour later the demonstrators should appear in front of the Lebanese embassy. The trio of today’s demonstrations should be closed in front of Israeli embassy at half past seven in the evening.

On the other hand, yesterday’s demonstration in the city’s centre was called to express support of Lebanon. Approximately 150 demonstrators pointed at the massacres on Lebanese civilians. There was also a petition, which calls for immediate peace, signed by the participants as well as by the passers-by.

The whole conflict started on 12 July with Israeli attempts to destroy the bases of the extremist Islamic movement Hezbollah. During this part of the Middle East conflict several demonstrations, that were reported about, took place in Prague.

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