Cafe Imperial ends the legendary doughnut battles

Cafe Imperial is a lovely cafe in Na Porici street which gained its fame not only because of the Art Nouveau decorations but also because of its doughnut battles. One of the items on the menu (available only to sober customers older than 21 years) was namely Saturnin’s Bowl.

Saturinin is a character from Zdenek Jirotka’s humorous novel bearing the name of its hero. Here people can be divided into three categories according to their reaction to a plate of doughnuts. Some just look at them, the others throw them only in their fantasy whereas the most daring group takes the plate and “gives the doughnuts wings” for a while before the target is met.

The cost of Saturnin’s Bowl with old doughnuts was 2000 crowns and anybody in the cafe could become the target and possibly also a participant in the battle. Nevertheless, the cafe should now be open not only for the hotel guests. It will thus gain during the reconstruction one new entrance but the tradition enabling the visitors to “shoot” with doughnuts will be lost.

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