Electronic Cardiac Pacemaker given to a 100-year old patient

Ludmila Koukolikova is the oldest patient who was operated on in Prague Na Homolce hospital to be given a cardiac pacemaker. Mrs Ludmila is already one hundred years old and the doctors decided to give her the pacemaker during a regular check up. The patient suffered a heart failure two years ago but before that had no health problems.

This was confirmed by the doctor who said that Mrs Koukolikova was in perfect condition and the results of her investigation sent by the laboratory show that she is as healthy as a young person in his twenties.

Mrs Ludmila Koukolikova has a slender figure and the electric pacemaker that the doctors gave her is rather tiny – it weighs only eighteen grammes. Its function is to help the heart to keep its rhythm. The average age at which this operation takes place is sixty-nine. Nevertheless, there is no age-limitation and the pacemaker is given both to babies as well as to older patients.

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