Thursday's successful qualification and the Olympic Games

Three Czech kayaks as well as three canoeists were successful in yesterday’s qualification races. Volf with his partner Stepanek, who brought a bronze medal from Athens, ended up as clear winners since they finished seven seconds ahead of the runners-up. Today’s programme includes further qualifications of canoeists and kayaks – including the Czech star Stepanka Hilgertova.

According to Jan Burgermeister, a Czech deputy, Prague will be ready for the Olympic games by 2016 – also in the case it should not candidate. This claim, that we touched upon in relation to the current championships, is based on the fact that canal for water sports is the most expensive facility and Prague does not have to invest into it at all since it is ready.

Prague Mayor Bem also supports the idea of Olympic games in Prague but he prefers a modest version to minimise the risk of unnecessary investments. The supporters claim that all of the sports facilities, infrastructure as well as additional accommodation would be built anyway and do not therefore represent in any way financial burden.

On the other hand, the opponents claim that additional eleven stadiums with Olympic dimensions would have to be built and this can under no circumstances be seen as an investment that would take place also without the games. The organizing city also has to provide 45 000 hotel rooms but Prague currently offers only 30 000. The decision about the candidature will have to be met by the end of this year.

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