Petrin sights suffer because of the repairs of the funicular

Tourists visiting Prague during the current season could not enjoy the funicular ride to the Petrin Hill. The funicular railway is namely under repair as you could have read before. Despite the alternative ways of getting on top of the Petrin Hill and enjoying not only the view from the tower but also the nice park and the mirror maze, all of the attraction suffer from less interest than during the same period of the last year. The lacking funicular’s services are certainly the culprit.

Prague Information Service predicted losses up to three million crowns and sadly their estimates seem to prove right. Petrin observatory tower earned 1.3 million less than during the last summer and the number for the maze is currently at eight hundred thousand. The expected loss is also believed to rise by a further million during this month.

One of the ways to change this are the longer opening hours of the observatory tower. Till September the attraction will be opened daily until ten o’clock in the evening so that the visitors can enjoy seeing Prague being romantically lit-up by the many historical lanterns.

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