Prague's exemplary waste management

The Czech Republic has nothing to be ashamed of concerning its waste sorting – even on the European scale. For example, over forty per cent of plastics are recycled which puts the Czechs at the second best place in the entire Europe after Germany. The capital city belongs among the best municipalities. As a matter of fact, Prague ended up on the second place and won a prestigious prize (the crystal dust-bin) for the way in which its waste materials are sorted and recycled.

Focusing on non-metal waste only, the average for the whole republic is 23.7 kilogrammes of sorted waste per person. On the other hand, he average for the dwellers of the capital city is much higher – almost 32 kilogrammes. Complete System of Municipal Waste Sorting has been in place since the year 1998. Prague was praised not only for the waste sorting itself but also for the whole way the problem is approached – including innovations such as separated sorting containers for clear glass only as well as for beverage boxes or biological waste. Prague also scored well in the field of information campaigns about waste management.

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